Alert: Harvesting PreCautions

Alert: Rules for Harvesting– Precautionary measures

1. Be entirely certian you know the plant your are harvesting. If necessay use several different field guides, consult a knowlegeable person and if you are still uncertain, watch it through the seasons to confirm your ID

2. Be entirely certain the area you are havesting from has not been sprayed with pesticides or has been subjected to other harmful chemicals that are not conducive to human health. Areas to be careful of are: lawns that have been treated, roadsides, golf courses, and along power lines.

3. Tread lightly and never pick too many plants for an area. The general rule is to only pick 1/3 of the plants in an area. Less for endangered plants. Maybe more for prolific plants like the dandelion or yellow dock.

4. Remember that these are recipes, not a field guide. The user takes full responsibility for correctly identifying, harvesing, and using these plants.

Wild Food Recipes:
Bee Pollen
Sea Kelp
Burdock Root
Yellow Dock