Fresh & Easy Herb Gardens

Home herb gardens have become quite popular these days, and for good reason. People are becoming more and more aware of the health benifit herbs provide as well as their practial value, purpose served, and the continued use of the herb itself. When most people think of growing garden herbs, the first thought that comes to mind is an herbs culinary purpose, but herbs are so much greater than that single purpose. Herbs are known for their pleasant aroma and beauty and their Medicinal uses as well.

One of the most popular and common herbs grown in a home herb garden is basil. “Dark Opal”, as it’s formally known, and regular green basil are beautiful additions to your backyard herb garden and often times is used as a decoration alone. Dark Opal is recognized by it’s light pink flowers and dark red leaves. Basil isn’t just an ornimental herb however, it is a great kitchen herb used to enhance tomato sauses and pastes. Additionally, Basil is an excellent mosiquito repellant when placed in containers around the backyard patio or deck.

Chives are another very popular herb. It is a very resiliant, petite looking herb that resembles a blade of grass. They are much stronger than they appear,and will grow well through any drought. Their toughness and sturdiness makes Chives a perfect addition for a home herb garden, especially if you don’t want a lot of fuss when gardening. Chives are great when used in salads, egg dishes, and many different sauces and appitizers.

Mint is also an herb that is easy to grow and is ideal for mint jelly, mint juleps, lemonade, and any other kind of fruity drink. Mint is a great addition to a home herb garden due to its unique minty smell. Two herbs that can not be excluded from anyone’s fresh herb garden are thyme and sage. Both of these herb gardening favorites are used for flavoring soups,chicken, turkey, pork, and other sausages. Sage is also grown sometimes for its beautiful blue spiked flowers.

Lavender is probably the best smelling herb of all. It’s wonderful, long lasting fragrance is often used in candles, as a perfume scent, and to improve the aroma in linen and cloths closets. The light purple flowers smell absolutely magnetic! It is also an awesome ortimental flower as well.

Other types of herbs often grown in fresh herb garden include borage (used in salads), chervil (used in egg dishes), sweet marjoram (flavors lamb, fish, salad, and soup), sesame (flavors crackers, cookies, and bread), and dill (flavors meats and used for pickling). Herb gardening allows gardeners to use herbs from their own backyard garden for Culinary, Medicinal and Ortimental delights! Herb gardening will produce much fresher herbs with more flavor than store-bought herbs, and are by far, a lot less inexpensive.

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