Fresh Homemade Seasonings

Fresh seasoning not only enhances the taste but they also add nutrients to your food. Because they are derived from plant sources, any of them are rich in vitamins and minerals. Use fresh seasonings and incorporate them into your recipes.

Garlic and Onion
The two most widely used flavoring agents are garlic and onion. Both are sold fresh and in the form of ground, dried, powder and salt. Stick with the fresh. Nothing approaches the taste of these vegetables in their original form. Chop, mince, grate or press as needed for enhancing your food: 1 clove of garlic and 1 Tablespoon of chopped or grated onion can substitute for ¼ teaspoon of the powder in a recipe.

Fresh ginger root is being offered in many supermarkets these days and is wonderful for making pungent dishes, especially for Chinese and Indian specialties. For every ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger called for in a recipe use a 1-inch piece of the fresh ginger root chopped finely or grated. Ginger can get quite fiery, so start with a little and add more to taste. Fresh ginger grated into the dressing really perks up a fruit or vegetable salad.

Hot Peppers
In certain parts of the country hot (chili) peppers are a common supermarket commodity. Be careful when you use them. Not only are they hot to taste, but fresh chili pulp will burn the skin too. To prepare chilies for cooking:

Wash and dry the pods, skewer on a long-handled fork and toast on top of the stove, turning so they blister on all sides. When the skin is evenly blistered and puffed away from the pulp you can lay the pods on a cloth, sprinkle them lightly with water and cover them with another cloth so they steam. The skins can then be pulled away easily and the seeds and veins removed. Use all the pulp, but only a few of the seeds.

The seeds and veins are the hottest part, so take it easy. Don’t be a show-off when it comes to chili. If you put one of the seeds on your lips or tongue, be assured you will never be tempted to try it again.

Lemon juice is added to many sauces, soups, salads dressings, meat, fruit and vegetable dishes to enliven their flavor. Half of fresh lemon will serve you far better than bottled lemon juice which is rather flat tasting and preserved with chemicals.

Learn how to grow these wonderful seasonings in your own garden!

Kali S Winters

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