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This e-book covers the History, Care, Feeding and Watering of Bonsai’s. Indoor vs. Outdoor care is addressed as well as the numerous types of Bonsia’s.

Your Guide to Growing Bonsai
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This e-book covers the History, Care, Feeding and Watering of Bonsai’s. Indoor vs. Outdoor care is addressed as well as the numerous types of Bonsia’s.
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Many people consider bonsai a form of art. Bonsai can be an art, or for many, a hobby. Bonsai is also a form of horticulture and landscaping. Many interpretations of bonsai exist, something you will learn in this introductory guide to bonsai.

Bonsai is in fact, an ancient practice involving the shaping and pruning of trees and shrubs into a structured form. The practice of bonsai for many can be quite peaceful and relaxing. Many engage in bonsai as a form of meditation or stress relief. Others enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect bonsai.

Now a days bonsai takes on many contemporary styles and traditions. The art of bonsai has evolved tremendously for centuries. There is no one type of bonsai, and no one way to practice bonsai. There are some methods of refining bonsai techniques however, which often result in more eloquent bonsai plants.

Bonsai styles and types vary immensely. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find two bonsai plants that looked identical, unless the bonsai master intended for this to happen. If this were the case the bonsai master would have to spend hours pruning, wiring and shaping his or her plants to achieve the desired effect.

Your Guide to Growing Bonsai

Table of Contents

Modern Bonsai
History of Bonsai
Explanation of Bonsai
Basic Bonsai Care
Bonsai Overview
Keeping Bonsai Small
Watering Your Bonsai
Feeding Your Bonsai
Care Review for Primary Bonsai
Selecting Your Tree
Outdoor and Indoor Bonsai Care
Bonsai and Pruning
Species of Bonsai
Cedar Elm – Ulmus Crassifolia
Chinese Elm – Ulmu Parvifolia
Japanese Maple – Acer Palmatum
Juniper – Juniperus
Types of Bonsai
Bonsai Types and Styles
Basic Bonsai Care
Primary Categories
Formal Upright
Formal Upright Techniques/center>
Informal Bonsai
Informal Bonsai Techniques
Slanting Bonsai Category
Slanting Bonsai Techniques
Cascade and Semi-Cascade Style Bonsai
Procedures and Techniques
Bonsai FAQ

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