Growing Orchids Indoors

It has been the belief of many for sometime that caring for orchids was difficult or reserved only for the rich. But, with more then 25,000 species and more then 100,000 hybrids, it is possible for anyone to find an orchid that will fit into their lifestyle, budget and level of skill as a horticulturist. Today, orchid problems have become a thing of the past.

Most orchid types do not require anymore additional care than any other house or garden plants. But, some orchids do have special requirements. Your first step towards caring for orchids should always be to find out the particular needs that your orchid requires. There are very few plants that produce such a delicate and beautiful bloom as an orchid. For that reason, it is one of the things that makes growing an orchid indoors such a popular past time. If you give your orchid additional care, you can keep them blooming just as healthy and heartily as they were in the store. The most popular orchid, a phaleanopsis, you may have either received as a gift or purchased from a nursery. This is the stunning white or purple orchids that are readily available due to the fact that they are easier to care for than some of the less common varieties of orchid plants.

Orchids will bloom for at least three months if they are taken care of correctly. You should always place your orchid near the window so that it will receive sunlight throughout the day. However, you should avoid the midday sun which can be too harsh for these plants. Your aim should be to give your orchid morning and evening sunlight. For this reason, the eastern side of your home is an excellent location to place your orchid. You can substitute natural sunlight with fluorescent lights placed about a foot above the orchid’s flowers but, you still want to limit exposure during normal daylight hours.

Orchids thrive in temperatures that are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit but no higher than 80 degrees. Orchids that are in weather that surpasses 90 degrees will start to loose their buds or will stop blooming all together. It is important to make sure that the flower stays moist, but do not over water the roots for it can kill the blooms. In stead, water the plant once every few weeks, or keep the orchid in a water tray constantly. Make sure that the roots do not touch the water tray or it will then constantly be soaking up too much water. A great tip to keeping the orchid in bloom for the most amount of time as possible is to fertilize the plant before it blooms. Once it has bloomed, you don’t need to fertilize it any longer. An additional tip to keeping your orchid in bloom for the greatest amount of time is to carefully prune the orchid while it is blooming. You will then be able to see a second set of flowers develop. With the right amount of care and attention, you will be able to own a gorgeous orchid plant that will display a full and rich bloom throughout the blooming season.

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