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If you lack the knowledge on how to start an herb garden but you have a desire to learn, a great place to start is with home herb garden kits.  Herb garden kits enable you to gain knowledge and experience.  Just imagine the feeling of accomplishment once you become an herb expert and are able to grow any kind of herb in your very own garden.  But it does take work and a learning curve to get there.  With home herb garden kits, the difficulties are removed and therefore the end result is the pure satisfaction of the herbs themselves.  Once you gain that knowledge and start growing container herbs, you will then be able to move into your own herb garden and be on your way to becoming an herb expert.

There may be several questions that you have regarding starting your own home herb garden. Maybe you’re wondering whether it is better to buy a potted plant or would it be better growing herbs with seeds?  Can herbs thrive in containers? Perhaps you want to know the right kind of soil needed to grow your herbal garden in? You will gain that knowledge and the answers to your questions with the purchase of herb garden kits.

There are numerous varieties of home herb garden kits available. Each category contains similar items within the kit to help you start an herb garden.

Another similarity is the kits size.  Most kits are small and compact, which makes them great for apartment living. The herb kits differ somewhat as well—Some may contain recipes to help with food preparation. Others might contain domes, which help control temperature and humidity. These domes also provide a healthy root system, which produces a thriving herb. Some kits will provide an actual planter for growing kitchen herbs from seeds along with either the soil or pellets.  Regardless of the kits similarities or differences, all kits contain the herbs seed as well as an instructional guide. These guides give the grower step by step instructions to succeed with any herb of their choice.

There are many benefits to growing a mini herb garden indoors. For one, it is much more enjoyable to pinch a bit of basil or oregano from a windowsill herb garden than to hike out to the garden each time to add a bit of flavor to your recipe.  A second benefit is the ease of harvesting, freezing or drying your herbs to use in the future. Indoor herb garden kits makes this chore a breeze. A further benefit is the consistent growing conditions with growing container herbs indoors. With the constant temperature control, you don’t have to worry about winterizing your herbs or worrying about which herb might not survive winter weather conditions. Furthermore, with herbs grown outdoors, it might be hard to judge the appropriate direction to plant the herb to get the most out of the afternoon sun.  Rain might also be another factor with outdoor planting. Too much rain can be harmful.  Indoor mini herb garden kits take the guesswork out of these two factors.

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