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Fragrant Lavender Wands

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Lavender WandsTo capture summer’s magic fragrance in your linens and wool sweaters, make a lavender sachet utilizing the stems as well as the flowers. We like to call these lavender wands (because of the magic lavender scent inside) instead of lavender sticks or as the British call them, lavender bottles.

You will need:
Fresh blossoming lavender stems
3 to 5 yards of ¼” satin ribbon in soft pastel colors and Thread to match
Straight pins
You may use velvet ribbon, which looks nice but doesn’t slide easily, and it does cost more.

To start: You want to pick 13 to 19 stems, always using an uneven number (it is easier to start with 13 and graduate up). Pick the lavender in mid to late morning when the dew is off the flowers and the sun has not yet broiled the fragrance into the wind. The stems and flowers must be used immediately; otherwise they will break.

Bending the Lavender

Step 1: Tie the blossoms securely together with thread or a sturdy rubber band.

Step 2: Hold the blossoms with your left hand with the stems upward.

Step 3: Bend the stems down, one by one, very carefully, to form a parasol or umbrella.

Step 4: Place the ribbon (the length depends on how many stems are used), satin side up, under your left thumb and hold it securely on top of the blossoms.

Making Lavender Wands

Step 5: Weave the ribbon in and out of the stems in a basket weave for 2 or 3 rows.

Step 6: Bend the stems down over the flowers. Now the ribbon will look messy. Simply take a toothpick or crocket hook and tighten the ribbon until a neatly woven effect is achieved. Don’t pull so tight that the stems stain the ribbon.

Step 7: Continue weaving the ribbon in and out until the blossoms are covered.

Step 8: When you have 4 or 5 inches of woven stems, wrap the ribbon around the stems and secure with a pin. Let dry for two weeks.

Step 9: The stems will shrink while drying. Trim the stems even. Neaten appearance with toothpick as before. Wrap remaining ribbon around stems and secure with matching thread. A bow may be tied at either or both end of the stems.

Successful Gardening ~
Kali S. Winters

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