5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Herb Garden ~ PDF e-Book

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Holistic Herbs ~ A Guide to Herb Gardening
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5 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Home Herb Garden

5 Ways to Make Money
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  • How to Sell Your Product Successfully!
  • How to Market Your Product in a Way That   Makes People Pay Attention!
  • How to Expand Your Business into an Empire!

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Your attempts at making money from your passion may indeed catapult you into a realm you never really actually considered before.

Yes, you too can have your own herbal empire. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. Perhaps it will never get as big as the Trump enterprises but then again, you may never have wanted to grow a business that large to begin with. But, just imagine for a moment, the potential!

On a smaller scale and at a beginning point, perhaps your desire is to use your herbs to earn just a bit more money to finance . . .er. . . your passion for herbs. Hey, that’s a great concept!

I’m just here to tell you that regardless of whether you want to create a full-fledge business or if you are satisfied with selling a few items here or there, you can do it through herbs.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re more interested in medicinal herbs or culinary herbs let me assure you, there’s a huge growing market for both!

Just go for it!

5 Easy Ways to Make Money
From Your Herb Garden

Table of Contents

Introducing: Your Very Own Herbal Empire

Chapter 1: Selling Seeds

Chapter 2: Selling Dried Herbs

Chapter 3: Selling Herb-Related Products

Chapter 4: Selling Informational Products

Chapter 5: Teaching

Conclusion: Your Herbal Empire Awaits

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Successful Gardening~
Kali S. Winters

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