ReVisit Your Local Farmers Market

It’s not too late in the season to bring back those childhood memories. You all remember, you might still notice those colorful road side displays even today: “Farmers Market-Held Today ” or the “U-Pick” road side signs that beckon the traveler to come in and try their hand at finding the best produce in the field or market. A child hood experience long forgotten…but has been brought back from the past in the local weekly Farmers Market…. It still awakens a desire in most of us to “get back to the basics, our roots.”

My best experiences growing up were when my folks would pile all of us kids into the back of the station wagon and drive the back roads… searching for that next “colorful road-sign” to beckon us in. When found, we would then reap our rewards by filling buckets full of strawberries, blueberries or blackberries. To this day, my family still reminisces about those adventures.

The next week was spent in the kitchen, preserving all of our tasty finds…stuffing our mouths and bellies full of those sweet delicious berries or anticipating the enjoyment to follow through out the coming months. There was still enough leftover to be given away as holiday gifts. A long day forgotten memory in today’s world, but treasured in our hearts forever.

In these economic times, most local communities hold those ‘memories of days gone by” in their weekly Farmers Market, typically on Saturday mornings. More and more people are becoming aware of obtaining a more self-sufficient lifestyle- especially in the area of gardening. We have seen a boom in local Farmers’ markets. The USDA reports a 28 percent increase in Farmers’ markets between 2007 through 2009. That is because there is a growing concern about where our food comes from and how it is grown! People are coming back to the basics. You will also find that the prices at your local area Farmers Market have been drastically reduced since times past. Today, sweet corn goes for $2/doz. Five years ago, you could only purchase 6 ears for that price. Prices are coming down…especially in the area of produce.

I have always found a feeling of excitement at my local Farmers’ market. Typically a local band is playing music all amongst the exchange of pleasantries with the local farmers. It always gives a feeling of celebration! The festivities sometimes allow you to find an “expert or two” in some form of gardening advice offering a lecture on growing herbs, perhaps a food demonstration or a particular class on food preservation. A Farmers Market is a great leaning experience….But most importantly, you know you are purchasing fresh produce if you purchase produce that is locally grown and helping out your local community as well. Produce is also loaded with tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber making it much easier to get your recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

If you are not able to grow your own garden vegetables, herbs, and fruits…why not check out your local farmers Market for this much sought after commodity. You will find that the prices are much less expensive than in the commercial supermarkets. Besides: It is American Made— better yet—locally made! Since the product is naturally grown, they contain less preservatives…which means more overall health for your entire family. Be sure to check out your local area newspaper for listings within your community to surround yourself with nature’s plentiful bounty.

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